Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chef OH Mediterranean Olive & Roasted Tomato Tapenade available at COSTCO

August 2011 - Fotis and Son Imports announces Chef OH's Mediterranean Olive & Roasted Tomato Tapenade is now available at COSTCO locations in San Diego, CA, Arizona & Utah.
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  1. HELP! My family and friends sooooo enjoy the Chef Oh Olive Tapenade!!! Delightful! I returned to Costco (Torrance, CA) to purchase more – and no one could find it at the Costco. I drove to Hawthorne, CA Costco and was informed that they do not carry this item “at any Costco”. Well, perhaps the Costco employees should view the demonstration by Chef Oh on the Costco site!!!!!

    Still searching for Chef Oh Olive Tapenade – any other distibutors (not Costco) please??????

  2. I used to buy it all the time. They stopped carrying it. Request it at every Costco you go to. It's so amazingly scrumptious. I like it on 'seedy'' whole grain bread topped with manchego cheese and toasted. After I would put the tapenade on top I'd place a sunny side egg on top and break the yoke. Sigh.